Goa: A piece of paradise

It may have snowed 16 inches in the New York metropolitan area overnight, but paradise still exists.

We took the picture above just one month ago, right after Christmas. Time sure flies.

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In transit

Wondering where we’ve gone? Continue reading

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We’re famous! (Sort of…)

Historical wisdom says you don’t become famous overnight, but that’s just the case with our blog, Chalega. Continue reading

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Picture of the day: the train ride to Mumbai

More on this later. Suffice it to say we had enough space, and enough chai to go around. Continue reading

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“In April, I will go away…

…to far off Spain or old Bombay.”

Yep, we’re in Mumbai. Did you see that coming? After a 22-hour train ride from Bikaner (photos and stories to come), we are here for a day and a half before departing for somewhere even more exotic. Continue reading

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Not our cup of tea

Can you guess how much this pot of roadside chai cost us? Continue reading

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Pardon the delay

We’ve just finished our time in Rajasthan with a final stop in Bikaner. The next leg of our journey begins today. Continue reading

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