You should be paying US to read this!

We are currently staying at the Hotel Casa di William. The hotel manager, a friend of our guide’s, came over to the internet portal as we were blogging. He offered this advice.

For everything in India, you pay money. Everything is about money. Money to fly here. Money to eat. Money to stay at the hotel. You paid for all of these things. Now they should pay 25 percent!

On an unrelated note, remember our guide from the Varanasi boat ride? He liked to deal with percentages also.

Obama, he visited India recently. I don’t know what I think of him. 40 percent of me likes him. 60 percent of me doesn’t like him.

Has 60 percent of you ever been against something?

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2 Responses to You should be paying US to read this!

  1. Paul Jablansky says:

    We are really enjoying the blog! Please keep writing and sharing your experiences with us. Each day I’ve been reading about the history of the places you’ve visited. Sort of like traveling vicariously.

    Hope you are well and having a good time…

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