The classiest restaurant in Agra?

We arrived in Agra this afternoon following a drive from Orchha. After mulling the streets for something to eat, the most appealing lights shone from the three-story Pizza Hut a stone’s throw from our hotel.

We jumped at the opportunity, and it seems that all tourists in Agra had chosen to do the same. (We checked — all of the local “multi-cuisine” restaurants were empty, and the most desperate hosts offered us a 20 percent discount before even sitting down.) After being escorted to our table and given a fairly American-looking menu, we were pleased to find that Pizza Hut in India strangely resembles Pizza Hut in the U.S. — only classier. We resisted the temptation of their exotic “garden salad,” which consisted of lettuce, broccoli, canned corn, and pickled cucumbers.

Stay classy, Pizza Hut.

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1 Response to The classiest restaurant in Agra?

  1. Mike Landes says:

    Some things never change, I suppose.

    Jeff, this is my first time taking a look at your blog, and I gotta say, this sounds like an incredible trip! Stay healthy, stay sane, come back in one piece and give me some good stories when you return. I’ll stay up to date with the blog.

    Oh, and by the way: La pizza è sicuramente meglio in Italia.

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