Another one!?

Having grown up outside the developing world, it is easy to forget that the water in many countries is unsafe to ingest. Huge gulps at the drinking fountain are just as verboten as keeping your mouth open in the shower.

Which is why I (Jeff) am now down to my third toothbrush in two weeks. Once you’ve forgotten the extra step of running the toothbrush under bottled water, as opposed to the tap, the toothbrush becomes unusable. The good news? I still have two toothbrushes left.

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2 Responses to Another one!?

  1. Joni Jablansky says:

    Can you buy more toothbrushes somewhere?!

  2. Beth says:

    Oh evie…suggestion – don’t stand by the sink except when you’re spitting (when we were kids in mexico, our parents had us spit into the toilet so as not to ruin toothbrushes) 😀 miss and love you both!

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