Not our cup of tea

Can you guess how much this pot of roadside chai cost us?

One hundred ninety-two rupees. That is not a typo. Our driver, whose lunches and tea breaks are covered by his company, can afford to take us to rip-off tea stands while he eats at a reduced rate. Two cups of tea and a piece of chapati cost us the same as a full meal.

By comparison, a good cup of roadside chai shouldn’t cost more than 10 rupees, or 30 at a good restaurant.

Why didn’t we catch this scam from the beginning? Turns out the prices for tea and coffee were listed on a SEPARATE menu, which our server was all too happy to show us — after.

Guess we were off our guard for a minute.

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3 Responses to Not our cup of tea

  1. Joni Jablansky says:

    Wasn’t that just about $4?

  2. dov says:

    Is that a @starbucks roadside? Then the price is cheap for chai 🙂

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