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You should be paying US to read this!

We are currently staying at the Hotel Casa di William. The hotel manager, a friend of our guide’s, came over to the internet portal as we were blogging. He offered this advice. For everything in India, you pay money. Everything … Continue reading

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Phulwari: finding pizza and falafel in Varanasi’s alleys

Originally, we wanted to scour Varanasi’s streets in order to find our first meal after our 18-hour drive. But a tip from our guide’s Belgian friends led us to a quaint, surprisingly quiet spot amid the bustling streets.

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Reviewing hotels in India

We figured we’d review things along the way, and we’re going to start with restaurants and hotels. Call it “Lonely Planet for Our Friends.” Best price! What would you want to know about a hotel or restaurant in India? Cleanliness? … Continue reading

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This blog is called Chalega. What does that even mean?

Ever walked down the streets of Amman and heard a throaty “YALLA” directed to slow passersby? It’s a word that has multiple spellings and countless meanings. But basically, it means, “let’s go,” or “let’s move it.” Chalega is a similar … Continue reading

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